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Ward Just - Rodin's Debutante

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Tommy Ogden, a Gatsbyesque personality residing in a mansion outside robber-baron-era Chicago, declines to provide his partner the cash to commission a bust of himself in the German grasp Rodin and declares alternatively his purpose to endow a boys’ college. Ogden’s choice reverberates decades afterwards in the life of Lee Goodell, whose coming-of-age reaches one's heart of Ward Just’s psychologically powerful new novel.  Lee’s life decisions—to become an artist, to sojourn in the mean streets of the South Side, to marry in to the haute-rational tradition of Hyde Park—play out from the raw allure of mid-century Detroit. As Lee affects this is of his four decades at Ogden Area School underneath the acumen, while in the school library, of the breast referred to as Rodin’s Debutante Just’s trademark ability of promoting psychological weight with several phrases is put in play. And, particularly, as he fulfills again a childhood friend, the target of the brutal sexual assault which she's no recollection.

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