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Winter Pennington - [Rosso Lussuria Vampire 01] - Darkness Embraced [Bold Strokes]

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Where there's light, the night awaits, never too much behind.Two century previously, a vampire was be reborn by Epiphany. Sired by Renata, the King of the Rosso Lussuria, Epiphany voluntarily performed the part of the queen’s precious pet—until your day came when she was cast from the Renata’s mattress and dropped the queen’s safety from the Parent vampires.Epiphany has been doing her best to not turn into a goal, attempting to remain as inconspicuous as you are able to, such as for instance a long-forgotten memory huddling underneath the layer of Vasco’s energy, her one true friend on the list of Rosso Lussuria. However now Renata has named Epiphany forth to manage the Problems that'll raise her family standing for the rates of the Parent. But Epiphany has few friends and many enemies, and the likelihood of remaining the Problems are slim.Surrounded by severe vampire politics and key goals, Epiphany discovers that the old enemy is plotting treason from the girl she once adored, and to truly save all she holds dear, she should accept and form an alliance with the dark.

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