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Xanth 31 Air Apparent - Piers Anthony

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His disappearance sets in-motion a number of madcap misadventures that deliver an accumulation of vibrant figures on the risky set of similar missions, once the Great Wizard Humfrey’s boy Hugo abruptly disappears. Included in this are Debra, quite a young woman beset by a ridiculous problem; Hugo’s precious spouse Wira, whose sightlessness is balanced by a skill for awareness, Pleased and Arena, a set of sprightly surprise-tones; Nimbus, the Devil Xanth’s own boy; and the strange outlaw referred to as the Arbitrary Factor.As they travel through a few of the enchanting realm’s many amazing locations, these unsuspecting adventurers learn they're important people in a great crisis whose origins reach back once again to the origins of period itself. Filled with pleasure and pleasure, ribaldry and love, Atmosphere Obvious is just a fantastic brand-new dream tale in the vibrant Creativity of master storyteller Piers Anthony.

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